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Espresso machine and coffee grinder maintenance...


The technical company FRESHLY ROASTED COFFEE SPANOS ZACHARIAS has been active since 2017 in the technical maintenance and repair of professional Espresso coffee machines, in the trade, installation and technical support of water treatment filters and other regional innovative applications around coffee, such as special water system constructions with combination of filters and water pressure pumps as well as electronic machine monitoring applications in order to ensure optimal machine operation for maximum quality .

Our company, due to the nature of the object and the desire to provide the most modern and reliable solutions in its fields of activity, devotes resources to the know-how and development of services, products and solutions, offering our clients a complete package of support for their business .

For these reasons, we have set up a standard production plant on our premises of 250 square meters in Larissa, Thessaly.

For the immediate coverage and service of our associates and customers, our company has spare spare engines, spare spare mills, monitoring and archiving of all machines, Technical Inspection and Certification Worksheets, control form sixty point machines, seven point water quality analysis systems, a general reconstruction of Espresso coffee machines, repair of electronic boards and electrical machine monitoring applications.

The integrated external service provides us with direct coverage of all the needs of each business in the prefecture of Thessaly.

Our highly trained and skilled staff are able to undertake the repair or the complete refurbishment of espresso machines and milling mills. Give new life to your equipment with just a few money and it will work like a bright new one.

Consult us for every case of rebuilding and service to discuss the most advantageous solution together.

It would be a great honor to contact us for a forthcoming cooperation.
Contact us at: 6977356454, 2410550448 or via e-mail at: info@frcoffee.gr and spanos1000000@gmail.com