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Make the ideal espresso


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The actions in order to make a perfect espresso

- Potion 8gr-10gr
- Time 23sec-25sec
- Tamping (depends on the amount of coffee so that the 1ml / sec condition is met)
- Volume 23ml-25ml
- Water temperature in the group 90 ° C-93 ° C
- Pump pump 9atm
The tests needed before a perfect espresso is made:
Mill control
  1. Perfect coffee cutting
  2. Potion
  3. Freshness of grains
Machine control
  1. Water level
  2. Boiler temperature and pressure
  3. Volumetric pump pressure
  4. Filters, fixed group mesh and cup filters
  5. Proper distribution of water by the group
To be effective, the espresso machine should be cleaned and serviced systematically.
Daily actions
// Filters, cup filters, screens, cups and the drainage basin of the machine must be checked daily.
// For cleanliness of the wheat, we need to use the blank filter and a specific soda-based product.
// The rubber bands should be cleaned with a special brush, while the filters and cup filters are left in the water all night, always using a special product.
// Annual audits: Every year it is necessary to check the mechanical parts that are damaged by a general inspection and the intervention of our specialized personnel.